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Joomla Bamboo TemplatesWe are completely up-to-date with the latest in our stunning templates!  At Along Came a Spider, we use only the finest templates to create your custom appearance!  Our favourite source for templates is Joomla Bamboo, this Aussie company are considered 'leading edge' in terms of template design and usability.  Not only that, Along Came a Spider is registered with them for Lifetime Support!  Something goes wrong, we fix it!  and quickly...

Joomla! CMS

whiteWhat more can be said about Joomla! that hasn't already been said.  The world's most used, most popular Content Management System.  So why use it?

  • Open Source
  • Easy Management
  • Custom Features
  • Great Templates

All of the above and more. 

There are various tutorials and examples of using Joomla at the Joomla site.  Take a look!  In addition, our site development in Joomla includes complimentary and comprehensive instruction packages. 


responsive screensMore and more web sites are browsed using tablets and phones.  Current research shows that about 30% households with internet access own at least one tablet.  Consumers now spend more time interacting online for many and various reasons than they do on desktops and even laptops!  Along Came a Spider will create sites that take advantage of this trend - we call them 'responsive' sites!  We test all our sites to ensure compatibility with the various tablets and phones out there and, in today's techonolgical environment, its mandatory!

Cost Benefits

cost benefitsHow can we at Along Came a Spider provide you with some of the cost benefits when using the Joomla! software?  The answer lies in the fact that this is a Content Mangement System.  That means that you won't need extensive 'websmaster services'!  Most of the work can be done by anyone with a little bit of pre-training.  Yes, this can be done by management, staff, and even clients can get involved.  Joomla allows complete control of your contributors and their contributions!  You maintain the ultimate control.

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