Along Came a Spider is a small intimate company serving diverse buinesses at reasonable costs.

We do a full website design from 'bumper to bumper'.  It is the client's choice on how much involvement they want, what services they would like to manage and what they want to leave in the capable hands of 'Along Came a Spider'.  We supply Logo Design, image creation and development, document preparation, galleries, specialized web managment training and much more.

Work Experience

Along Came a Spider has been in business for ELEVEN years.  Ours specialization is with the creation Joomla! sites.  We specialize in building sites for those who want to get involved in a management partnership.  This partnership, which is jointly negotiated, varies from client to client.


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success - Edward Everett Hale

Crucial Facts

  • Complete open process for any billing
  • Dedication to ensuring that sites are routinely updated.
  • Promises and commitments made are honoured.
  • Training and assistance needs are welcomed.
  • Commitment to attention to details.