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Karen Stewart law embodies the essence of a small, efficient law firm.  The site is geared to generating connections with people of the community of Parksville, BC

Project Details

  • Gives a clear outline of the Legal Services available to the Oceanside area on Central Vancouver Island.
  • Maintains an updated list of the legal staff and their responsibilities. 
  • Features a convenient 'easy to use' communications tool for the general public.

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Common Objectives

  • Provide easy accessibility for an older population
  • Maintain a coordinated presence for services
  • Provide a friendly and qualified staff complement.
  • Have alternate ways to communicate with the company.

Client Feedback

Webmaster is always ready at the 'drop of a hat' to engage in making changes to our staffing complement.  As things change at our firm, all of these are met with immediate attention.  We like the way that updates are done expeditiously.  Billing for work is always reasonable and fair!


'Karen Stewart Law' now has a professional looking website that brings clients to their door.  The convenient contact module gets enquiries to the right staff person saving time and inconvenience.  A map of the location allows potential clients to know where this FIRM is located.