This company specializes in selling Guide Books for the Rivers of the Yukon Terrirory.  

Project Details

  • The main intent of the site was to provide booklets and/or downloadable products to canoeists intending to paddle Yukon Rivers.
  • Customers can opt to pay directly and conveniently online with PayPal.
  • Pricing includes delivery to anywhere in the world.
  • The site is also available in four main languages since many paddlers come from European Countries - German, Dutch, French and of course, English.

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Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • To get books out to the paddlers intending to paddle in the Yukon Territory
  • Showing sample pages so that viewers can see the quality of the information in the various books
  • Having access to the site in German, Dutch, French and English.
  • Presenting information about what is happening in the Yukon year round, especially the Yukon River Quest.
  • Lots of images that expose the visitors to the unique beauty of the Yukon.
  • A great shopping cart with PayPal payments.

Client Feedback

"This has been a great experience having Tony maintain our website so consistently.  There is a constant attention to the features of the site; and constant updating of the various Joomla! extensions.  On another note, expenses are kept very reasonable!" Jocelyn Rourke, Book Store Owner.


There have been many sales over the past number of years.