This company specializes in selling Guide Books for the Rivers of the Yukon Terrirory.  

Project Details

  • The main intent of the site was to provide booklets and/or downloadable products to canoeists intending to paddle Yukon Rivers.
  • Customers can opt to pay directly and conveniently online with PayPal.
  • Pricing includes delivery to anywhere in the world.
  • The site is also available in four main languages since many paddlers come from European Countries - German, Dutch, French and of course, English.

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Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • To get books out to the paddlers intending to paddle in the Yukon Territory
  • Showing sample pages so that viewers can see the quality of the information in the various books
  • Having access to the site in German, Dutch, French and English.
  • Presenting information about what is happening in the Yukon year round, especially the Yukon River Quest.
  • Lots of images that expose the visitors to the unique beauty of the Yukon.
  • A great shopping cart with PayPal payments.

Client Feedback

"This has been a great experience having Tony maintain our website so consistently.  There is a constant attention to the features of the site; and constant updating of the various Joomla! extensions.  On another note, expenses are kept very reasonable!"


There have been many sales over the past number of years.