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How great to be able to support a School Outdoor Program that involves many skill sets.  It certainly gives students a pride in achievement and self confidence

Project Details

  • Showing the variety of outdoor activities done throughout the winter and spring terms.
  • The students can supply articles and information for the site manager to include.
  • Conditions of participation is achieved through various documentation.

Check out the Site Here

Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • Provides great feedback for the teenage population
  • Has intersting articles about the students exciting outdoor adventures.
  • Gives concrete feedback on the successes in all activities
  • Link to the galleries brings back fond memories
  • Convenient information for parents to understand about the programme.

Client Feedback

We love seeing ourselves in the various locations outdoors, from kayaks to bikes and snowshoes to canoes.  We really like the galleries too! 


The students get realtime feedback on each and every adventure through writings and images.