PGOSA webFeatured, is something that the clients really find valuablel on this website is the very detailed calendar.  The input of detailed events is done by one of the association's members.  The complete guide to the events held each and every day of the year.

Project Details

  • Great up-to-date details of the many activities
  • Updated by a Team of Volunteers, guided by the webmaster.
  • Documents readily available for the members

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Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • Provide easy accessibility for an older population
  • Have a complete inventory of the various happenings.
  • Ensure that there are specific advantages for membership.
  • Link to the members monthly newsletter.
  • Convenient Fillable Forms on line

Client Feedback

Always able to get the updated events for activities.  Able to reach the executive to express opinions.  Have easy access to records of the General Meeting Minutes; and to the Board Meeting minutes.  The website is open and transparent. 


Great participation in all the events that are sponsored by PGOSA.  Clear management of the site to include consistent and clear updates.  Recording many visits to the site to popular articles and pages.